Sunday, September 13, 2009

Woo! I have a blog now :D

So I have taken the plunge and created the pulpit from which I will fling my inane blatherings.

Creating a blog has been something I have thought about for some time now, but only just today did I really figure out what I would write about. Its really sort of silly though. I mean, I talk to myself (at great length) all the time. You wouldn't think that I would have trouble with this kind of thing.

But whatever. Here we are now. The ultimate purpose of this blog is two-fold.

One) To document my various musings on the different Role-playing game systems out there, how they are flawed, and my attempts to fix them.

Two) Provide a pulpit from which I can throw words at you. Preferably at your face. Cause I'm a jerk like that.

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