Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Woo! Another box sorted. I'm running out of space on my shelf though. I may have to start stacking some of the less-represented sets with each other...

Bluh, going through all of these cards sort of makes me want to play again. It also reminds me of why I moved from cards to miniatures.

See, back when I played magic, I would usually build decks based around a particular creature type or general theme. I really enjoyed building a narrative around my games. Imagining my armies of loyal soldiers grinding down my opponent via coordinated tactics, or my legions of knights rendered invulnerable by faith and courage. That underlying narrative was really what drew me into Magic in the first place, and it worked out pretty well at first, because that's how most of my friends played as well. Seeing all the old cards again brings back some of those memories.

Unfortunately, as time passed, decks became less about narrative or theme, and more about crushing combos. (aka, what M:TG is really about) That really soured it for me, and I stopped playing about half way through High School.

However, that's when I really started getting into miniatures games. The whole idea of each game having an underlying narrative was much stronger in miniature wargames than in Magic. The tiny drama's that unfold on the table top are a core element of the experience, and that's what really draws me to them to this day.

Anyway, Im going to keep trying for a box a day until I'm done. Then I guess I'll try to sort out the rares or something. Not sure how exactly I'm going to try and sell them yet. I'm hoping I can just get a decent offer for the whole pile from a local shop, but I worry that they will low-ball me a bit too hard. I'm not looking for top dollar or anything, but I would at least like to get an average of a few cents a card.

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